Move-Up-ProgramMarvin Williams

Simply a smart way to buy your next home!

Did you know that your home may be worth more today than it was when you purchased it? Of course you do, so why not capitalize on it! In fact, it may have appreciated enough to allow you to move up, and with interest rates low, and San Antonio being a “HotSellers Market”, now is the perfect time to sell, build a bigger brand new home, or any home of equal value or more in sales price! Give Marvin Williams a call at 210-617-0369, and he’ll coordinate the selling of your existing home at a discounted commission rate, all while representing you in buying the home of your dreams built just for you, or your move in ready of equal or greater value!

We are committed to easing pressures associated with buying and selling by ensuring the process is carried through every step of the way from listing to closing! This way, you can focus on other important issues such as how to spend or invest your savings you acquired from our Move-Up-Program.

You only pay 4 1/2% commission instead of the typical 6 % (1 1/2% to sellers agent and 3% to buyers agent) when your existing house sells, and when your new house construction is complete or you find a used house at equal or greater value, you can spend that 1 1/2% you saved how ever you please!